How upload your photo

If you have your own blog:

1. Click on button "Add your link"

2. You should see 3 windows

3. In first you past addres from post, where you post project on challenge (Not main page addres). Next 2 windows you should write your name and e-mail.

4. You have to click button "Next step" and you see frame with photo. You pick up photo with your challenge project and click "Select"

5. Your project is added to list.

If you don't have a blog:

1 and 2 step are the same. 

3. You past link to photo on your gallery.

4. You have to click to button "Next step". Now you must click on "Direct image URL" and past addres to yuor photo again (this same as step 3)

5. Click ob button "Wyślij zapytanie" and your photo is added.

If you don't have own gallery or you have problem with added your photo, then send photo to Dawid (

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